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Guangdong precision casting company USES the advanced silicasol precision casting technology, can produce all kinds of carbon steel casting, casting alloy tool steel casting, casting wear-resistant alloy steel castings and various stainless steel castings and its products, capable of producing 600 tons of precision castings production capacity, 80% exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Spain and other countries.

To undertake OEM way to chart to sample processing, and to provide according to the requirements of customers after casting or casting processing services, such as heat treatment, machining, mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing, electroplating, etc. Products are widely used: hardware spare parts, machinery and equipment accessories, accessories, transport equipment instrument accessories and other related industries products. The company has more than 1000 kinds of development and production of products.

Company technical force is abundant, the overall quality is higher, advocating people-oriented, scientific management of be particular about. We have a total of more than 120 employees, of which 6 people, undergraduate management casting machining undergraduate 2 people, 3 top management staff have been engaged in this industry for more than 20 years, has rich experience in technology and management. Casting quality companies to carry out the international advanced standard, the casting size tolerance, form and position tolerances according to the national institute of precision casting (ICI) standards or German investment casting pieces of size tolerance (standard number: VDG P690); Casting materials according to China national standard GB, the United States ICI, ASTM, Germany DIN, Japan JIS standard production such as casting materials. Has material development and production of more than 30.


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