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A common testing category of precision casting products
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Guangdong precision casting quality quality products mainly include: chemical composition, microstructure and metallurgical defects, physical and mechanical performance, reliability, grain size (number of eutectic group), eutectic saturation, density, purity, degree of continuous, etc.

These inner quality will affect the use quality mainly include: cutting performance, welding performance, operation performance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance performance, service life and other working condition requirements, etc., and its indexes have been improved.

1, before the furnace iron liquid composition detection of direct reading spectrometer, harmful trace elements analysis research group - especially gas elements N, 0, H

2, guangdong precision casting raw material quality inspection

"X fluorescence spectrometer can be completed within 5 minutes as nodulizing agent, nucleating agent all kinds of ferroalloy, desulfurizer, slag, refractory materials, mineral raw materials, such as the whole analysis.

"Portable" alloy analyzer can be in the material library and workshop site within 5 minutes to complete all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous alloy raw materials mixing parts of detection and so on.

3, microstructure and mechanical property test

Through the automation and intelligence of metallographic analyzer to microstructure, the quantitative qualitative analysis;

Using "universal material testing machine" and "electronic tensile testing machine" intelligent analysis was carried out on the mechanical properties;

4, precision castings nondestructive testing

Commonly used equipment are: magnetic powder flaw detection, X-ray detector, ultrasonic flaw detection spheroidization rate or inspection, wall thickness, hardness and matrix, water (gas) pressure test, etc., including "on-line automatic detection" and "on-line automatic sorting" complete sets of equipment.

Because of cast iron blank pieces of its poor surface finish, material is loose, grain is relatively bulky and the influence of factors such as the existence of its internal graphite, so must pay attention to the selection of detection method, instrument selection, form a complete set of equipment, operation technology and personnel training and work.

5, precision casting surface quality inspection

Guangdong precision casting defects on the surface of the check by visual observation, generally including the use of the method is less than 10 times the magnifying glass, use of modern industrial endoscope method, etc. That can be used to improve the resolution of a fluorescent detection, penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection method to found on the surface or near surface defects.

7, furnace gas analysis test

General use: gas chromatography, infrared gas analyzer, etc. In particular, gas chromatograph, not only can the furnace gas analysis, also can analyze N, O, H content in cast iron, etc.

8, before furnace thermal analysis test

"Thermal analysis" can not only quickly to quote rate of spheroidizing, and can simultaneously detect the contents of C, Si and cast iron inoculation effect, matrix organization and mechanical performance, etc. However, due to the current domestic thermocouple materials of many factors, such as precision thermal analysis in the aspect of test accuracy is not satisfactory.

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