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Guangdong high precision casting mold growth
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According to the China precision casting mould industry association management committee of the national mold professional basic situation "statistics, in recent years, China guangdong precision casting mold at an average rate of more than 15% growth, more than twice higher than the average value of China's GDP. Among them, the precision casting mold accounts for about 5% of all kinds of mold output, annual growth rate as high as 25%, the development is very active.

Relevant personage says, automobile, motorcycle industry rapid development in China, a major increase in production for many years, the world's first, sharply increasing demand for complex, large-scale, precision casting mould, and therefore as an important support of guangdong precision casting industry ─ ─ casting mould industry obtained the unprecedented development opportunity. Guangdong precision casting application range is very wide, involving almost all industrial sectors, including auto parts with the great number of them, the casting, the strict, the rich variety of commodities and non-ferrous metal materials in high quality ranks the first place, in the whole precision casting industry accounted for the largest share. In the next few years the precision casting mold production in south China's guangdong province will still get strong thrust comes mainly from the domestic auto industry.

It is understood that in the current economic globalization, the international division of labor is formed. Many foreign based on the cost of pressure, a lot of sourcing in China guangdong precision casting parts, and even set up casting production base in China. China, on the other hand, the production of precision casting mould level and ability to have greatly increased, the mould quality and international level gap is narrowing. High quality low price surge driven by foreign purchases, huge overseas mold the demand of the market of China mold and die industry has played a great role in promoting.

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